Create a Majestic Castle


Draw squares along the top of the flat milk carton and cut them out.

Step 2
Glue the milk carton together.

Step 3
Paint the milk carton violet. Then paint the two paper rolls violet and magenta and
leave to dry.

Step 4
Draw two circles onto the pink paper and cut out. Cut a slit into the centre of the circle,
overlap to create a cone and glue into place. Glue foil confetti on top of each cone.

Step 5
Glue each paper roll onto either side of the castle. Glue each cone onto the top of
each paper roll.

Step 6
Glue the matchsticks onto the front of the castle to create the door.

Step 7
Paint windows on the castle with magenta paint.

Download craft instructions.

What you need

137926 - Teacher’s Choice Milk Carton Large 10pcs
124066 - Carnival Arts & Crafts Matchsticks - Coloured
139032 - My Memories Scrapbook Paper - Candy Floss
117300 - Tim & Tess Plastic Muffin Tray Palette 6 Well
132697 - Art Culture Acrylic Paint - Violet
132707 - Art Culture Acrylic Paint - White
132715 - Art Culture Acrylic Paint - Magenta
139051 - Tim & Tess Kids Round Brush - Round
137969 - Teacher’s Choice Paper Rolls
134879 - Teacher’s Choice White School Glue
137407 - Carnival Arts & Crafts Scissors
139965 - Teacher’s Choice Foil Confetti

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